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The Best Candy [Click to begin voting]

Halloween isn’t just a time for getting strangers to give you candy for free. It’s also a time to remember how good some candy is, and how crap other candy can be. Vote to decide the definitive list of best candies and further remind old people that they should never, ever give out Smarties.

The official voting period ends Saturday October 20, 2012 at 12:00AM so get your votes in now.

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I was in Hastings the other day, they started playing Glee’s cover of the Beatles “Let it Be”. If that wasn’t bad enough, I heard this little girl (13-15 yrs) behind me in line say she loved this song that the Glee crew wrote. I told her that the Beatles wrote this song and that Glee did a cover. She promptly tells me that I was wrong that Glee did it first and the Beatles did a bad cover of it. I was utterly speechless
Jukebox: Kids these days (via collegehumor)

(via collegehumor)

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My girlfriend and I have come up with nicknames for each other’s “private parts.” Our favorite game is to see how many times we can use them without anyone noticing. My top comment was telling her mother that it was her daughter’s ‘wit and charm’ that first attracted to me. Hers is telling her mom that ‘bubbles’ was her favorite toy as a kid. I was initially upset that she named my member “bubbles” until the next thing that came out of her mouth was “I like to blow bubbles”
Rough Love: Amazing Girlfriend (via collegehumor)

(via collegehumor)